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This website, just like most sites, uses cookies to collect some data. The aim is to make it a better experience for you. I don't use it to do anything except look at where in the world people are looking at this site because that might help me to think about what I can do in the future. I don't have any adverts on my site so I wouldn't be using any cookies to for that. If I ever decide to put ads on the site in future (which I will try never to do because I find them irritating on other sites), I will change this notice. I do have affiliate links on some of the things on Amazon. This means they pay me a very small amount of money if you click from my site to Amazon and then you go on to buy from them. That helps me to keep this site going and means I don't charge for my techniques. If you don't like this, just note the name of the book and go direct to Amazon from another site. If you sign up to my mailing list, I will only use your email to tell you about news related to my techniques and this website. I won't pass it on to anyone else and you can unsubscribe at any time.