Learn more and meet other PCP practitioners

Find a PCP community

There are a number of places for PCP practioners to meet up and learn about how to use PCP in their work. This might be therapy, coaching, academic research, working with organisations and businesses, in design or in the arts. We all benefit from this mixed community. Find out more about how and where to meet others by following the links below.

Professional development and Foundation Course

Coventry Constructivist Centre

Find out about training and CPD at this not-for-profit organisation which offers sessions at low cost in a location that is easy to get to - very close to Coventry rail station and an easy journey from Birmingham airport or the motorway.

Online community with links to PCP worldwide

George Kelly Society

The George Kelly Society has links to PCP conferences, people, organisations and social media connections across the world.

Children's Exploratory Drawings (CEDS)

Children's Exploratory Drawings

Abi Cohman and Cleo Timney have developed The Children’s Exploratory Drawings (CEDS), a PCP technique to use with children and young people. You can find out more on the info for the August podcast episode and see more at

Constructivist Meet Ups

CPD sessions available online

Free CPD sessions with an international audience and videos of presentations.